Specialty areas

At TYTL, we include 27 specialty areas to support and solutions in whatever you need.

The administrative law is reponsible of the regulation of the public administration, this in term of the operation and organization of the conformantes del aparato estatal, así como de sus prestaciones y sus relaciones con los administrados.

Our services are comprehensive advice to those administered in all matters immersed in their relations with the various public entities, in their three levels of government (national, regional and local), providing the best strategy and obtaining results, through administrative procedures , sanctioning administrative procedures, obtaining titles and / or enabling permits necessary for the various economic activities, as well as in the design and application of public policies.

There are various forms of ownership and business for agricultural development in our country.

The objective of our advice is to provide the best legal support for the development of the agricultural activity, whether through the cooperative, associative or corporate form. We also design consortium-type associative mechanisms to empower both small farmers and large enterprises.

The regulatory framework requires companies (according to the level of impacts they generate) to comply with environmental obligations and commitments according to the sector where they are developed (Agriculture, Energy, Fisheries, Mining, Industry, Construction, among others).

Our advice provides the normative support that companies need, so that an environmental certification process assumes reasonable environmental commitments that are protected by law. Also, we provide the support that the company requires before the competent public entities to issue the licenses, permits and authorizations attached to environmental standards, such as the ANA (licenses related to water use, discharges, etc.), DIGESA (related to environmental health), among others.

In relation to the prevention and compliance of environmental standards and commitments, our services consist of the elaboration of updated environmental standards and commitments matrices and the verification of their compliance. Thus, each company may audit its level of compliance or exposure to possible sanctions by the environmental inspector.

In relation to the defense of our clients in the State audit stage, through the OEFA or other environmental inspection entity, our services consist of accompanying the company in the field supervision carried out by these entities, as well as their defense in the sanctioning procedures.

Arbitration is a conflict resolution procedure where more and more people and companies choose to use this route because they can obtain a fast and specialized solution of the conflict in an efficient way for the parties.

Our Study has a specialized staff of lawyers who have participated as arbitrators, arbitral secretary and advisor in arbitrations of different nature, highlighting among them the contractual, corporate, civil matters, contracts with the State, among others; In this way we guarantee our clients an ideal advice in order to achieve the best results for their interests.

A large percentage of the conflicts that must be resolved are strictly related to Civil Law, especially as far as contracts and assets are concerned, without other sub-specialties such as real rights, among others, being less important. The purpose of this advice is to identify the problem and analyze the possible solutions, before resorting to the Judiciary or the Arbitral Jurisdiction.

In a globalized world, the exchange of goods and transactions between countries must take place in a fluid and any obstacle. The adequate knowledge of the different customs regimes to apply both in the country of origin and in the country of destination, as well as the choice of trade operators that are suitable for the operation is essential for the success of a transaction.

Our goal is to advise our clients in the design of the transaction, will guide to choose the best applicable regime, the choice of operators if required. Our advice also includes international contracts, transportation, payment methods, legislation, and customs taxation.

Our regulatory framework allows the existence of new forms and mechanisms of competition in the market. However, it is important that competition actions subject to the creativity of competitors are properly oriented not to configure behaviors that could be questionable from the point of view of Competition Law.

Our team has extensive experience at the level of solution and prevention of disputes at the level of Unfair Competition, worrying about the success of our clients, and providing them with personalized advice that adapts to the turn of your business and the achievement of your goals in a world increasingly competitive.

Our study has professionals of proven legal quality in the defense of the Political Constitution of Peru and the rights that it establishes. Our goal is to counteract and eliminate any threat or violation of it, and repress behaviors that are contrary to it.

The basis of the economy is in the Contract, as a legal mechanism that allows to regulate diverse interests to achieve harmonious development. The clearest and most lasting relationships are those based on duly negotiated, structured and well worked contracts that allow an orderly and contingency-free execution for the parties.

Our goal is to provide the parties with a legal instrument that clearly responds to each of the interests involved, specifying the rights and obligations of the parties, avoiding all types of abusive or obscure clauses that prevent a smooth development of relations between the parties. parts We promote a contractual balance, where both parties feel winners.

In recent years, Public Procurement has been a great attraction for the private sector given the high amounts paid by the State, however, in most cases the reality shows us that contracts signed with the State and its execution It turns out to be an extremely complex issue due to the rigor of its provisions that regulate it and the criteria that apply at the administrative level.

The Public Procurement area has extensive experience in all stages of the process from the registration before the National Registry of State suppliers, steps in the previous stages and during the selection process, granting of the Good Pro, the signature, execution and termination of the contract, as well as the imposition of sanctions and resolution of disputes that arise.

The cooperative model has been developing in Peru since 1950. It is estimated that there are currently more than 3 million members in different types of cooperatives, which in good account involves almost 50% of the population. They are present in various areas of the economy, such as savings and credit, educational services, fisheries, mining, handicrafts, agriculture, consumption, among others. Our firm has a high specialization in cooperative matters, participating in the giving of laws, regulations, as well as in the generation of educational material (books, manuals, etc.).

Our goal is to provide the necessary legal advice so that the different types of cooperatives can develop their economic activity as an authentic company, respecting the principles and values ​​that inspire the Cooperative Movement, a member of the Solidarity Economy Sector.

The acquisition and sale of real estate are important economic activities that must be properly evaluated.
Under this context, our advice is comprehensive, ensuring in a sales process obtaining the resources and in a purchase process we guide our client in the acquisition of a good according to their needs and expectations.  In that sense, the advice includes review of the property, notice the deficiencies of the acquisition of the property, develop the work plan (if the property needs to be sanitized), coordination meetings and follow-up until the celebration and / or registration of the real estate operation in favor of our client.

“In an increasingly dynamic and competitive business environment, business managers need support that allows them to obtain effective solutions in operational, risk and financial aspects through timely and elaborated information with high technical rigor.

The objective of our Financial and Economic Consulting division is to help the client to plan and execute their business decisions successfully with the support of our Corporate Finance and Business Consulting consultancy through company valuation studies, financing structuring, studies market and applied economics studies.”

The Gaming Sector in Peru had has an important development in our country since the 1990s. We have a modern legislation related to the exploitation of Casinos and Slot Machines that coexists with the legislation related to Bingo Games, being a very regulated Sector.

Our goal is to provide specialized advice related not only to obtaining the corresponding authorizations, but also to the development of the activity, regulatory compliance, room transfers, among others.

In a market society, large enterprises need financing to develop and continue to grow. Entrepreneurs usually start as family businesses, but the acquisition of new resources is vital to their development.  In that sense, obtaining financing through the stock market will allow new companies to obtain new resources to develop their projects. This new status forces the company to professionalize in its structure in order to meet the new requirements demanded by the market and the regulatory body.

Our objective is to advise companies that are listed on the Stock Exchange and those companies that wish to access the stock market to obtain resources, advising in the fulfillment of the obligations indicated in the Securities Market Law (LMV), the regulatory norms issued by the SMV (Superintendence of the Stock Market), as well as in the standards established in the Principles of Good Corporate Governance.

Peru is an attractive destination for mining investment due to the large amount of mineral resources it has, which is a determining factor for the development of the Peruvian economy.

We provide advice on the process of mining titling, opposition and registration of mining rights. Likewise, we give legal support in the execution of investment projects, through the elaboration of assignment, exploitation and joint-venture contracts; and in obtaining the authorizations, licenses and permits attached to the mining activity (water use, electricity generation, use of controlled inputs, among others).

Together with the Environmental Law area, we give permanent legal support to the mining activity related to environmental standards and the commitments derived from the environmental management instruments of mining concessions such as Environmental Impact Studies or Mine Closure Plans.

We know the importance of the Micro and Small Business for the economy of our country, so we work to contribute to its formalization and growth from the timely detection of possible contingencies and the search for opportunities, our commitment extends to provide efficiency, integrity and simplicity in Each of our consultancies in all areas of law, allowing the entrepreneur to transcend in their business with the peace of mind of finding quality advice at an affordable price.

Resolution of conflicts of individuals in the field of civil law regarding issues of contracts, family law, inheritance, property, registration issues, among others.

The purpose of Criminal Procedure area is to initiate actions to guide processes at the Police, Fiscal or Judicial headquarters. In the same way our intentions are to prevent our clients from entering a process due to ignorance of the norm; in that sense, we advise them in pertinent form of being the case when the process has been established.

The defense of our sponsor is carried out based on the current norms giving importance to the human person in the context of the process so that he feels safe, confident and able to face it.T

he advice and sponsorship that we carry out is throughout the process, this goes from the complaint to the second instance sentence, that is, until the process is finally completed.

Also, the advice will be both the natural person and the legal person. In the first case when it is in a situation of imputed or aggrieved, and in the second case when it is in the capacity of a victim.

Having a brand protected is vital within the commercial scheme of any business since it will not only allow to differentiate a certain product or service, from one of its competitors, but its owner will be granted exclusive rights over the use of the same.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive advice on all aspects related to trademark registration procedures, patents, utility models, contentious actions, and all types of corporate planning. We also provide advice on copyright issues and other issues related to Intellectual Property.

In Consumer Protection, current public policies and regulations have been reinforced over the last few years, evidencing the existence of a greater awareness in our country about the importance of maintaining an adequate relationship between suppliers and users that finally allow an adequate development in the market.

Our team is one of the most expert in the field, offering advice to several large companies in the relationships they have with their clients. We also have a wide range of services in the area of ​​Consumer Protection, including, among others, issues related to educational services, financial intermediation, air transport, real estate, medical practice, automotive sector, among others.

Compensation for damages constitutes one of the most recurring issues in our area. Although it is part of civil law, the complexity of this sub-specialty and its economic importance has forced it to give specialized treatment to these types of problems. The purpose of this area is to determine if our clients have really been damaged and if they are entitled to a compensation. In this sub-specialty, the study also performs social work through pro-bono sponsorship.

The medical practice is permanently subject to strict scrutiny by various actors (patients, family members as well as administrative, civil and criminal entities) due to their own characteristics and the implications that could be faced with a bad treatment (bad praxis) involving not only to the health establishment but also to the treating doctors and support staff.

In order to reduce the potential contingencies that may arise in this practice, TYTL has designed a special consultancy that includes, among other things, the detailed review (from a legal point of view) of the medical procedures and protocols applicable within the establishment of health accompanied by a general training in favor of its medical and support staff.