Consumer – Competition

In Consumer Protection, current public policies and regulations have been reinforced over the last few years, evidencing the existence of a greater awareness in our country about the importance of maintaining an adequate relationship between suppliers and users that finally allow an adequate development in the market.

Our team is one of the most expert in the field, offering advice to several large companies in the relationships they have with their clients. We also have a wide range of services in the area of ​​Consumer Protection, including, among others, issues related to educational services, financial intermediation, air transport, real estate, medical practice, automotive sector, among others.


The objective of our corporate and business legal services is to offer all of the necessary legal support in order to ensure proper operation and maximum profitability for  businesses. This involves selection and formation of the proper business structure; the preparation of corporate agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements and the proper registration of the organization with the proper legal entity.  


Maintaining a strong legal relationship between employers and employees is of fundamental importance in protecting the rights of both parties. The Labor Law Division of TYTL has significant experience in negotiating collective bargaining agreements with unions and in individual hiring practices. Our lawyers participate in a full range of corporate transactions and always seek to avoid labor problems that may arise in those transactions. 

In addition, we advise our clients on the best legal methods to create a suitable work environment.


The Law Firm’s first objective is always to attempt to resolve legal conflicts without resorting to costly and time consuming litigation. We attempt to settle all matters through negotiations between the parties. In those cases that can not be settled amicably then the firm will aggressively pursue a judicial resolution or resolution through arbitration.

The Law Firm has a staff of professionals that are specialists in different areas of litigation such as civil law, administrative litigation, and constitutional law.

Corporate Social Responsability

Since its foundation, our Law Firm has been working as an advisor in various aspects related to Corporate Social Responsibility, which has allowed us to position ourselves today as the LEGAL FIRM IN MECHANISMS OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Thus, the objective of this consultancy is to achieve the implementation of strategic CSR programs, which allow generating positive results for the company, thus achieving that its impact on the community is sustainable over time. In effect, our firm comes, from its origin to the present, providing services that allow us to address the relationships that companies have with each of the interest groups that develop around it.


Taxpayers and corporations need to fulfill their tax obligations and, at the same time, take advantage of those tax laws that are beneficial to them. Our tax department has substantial experience in tax advisory, tax planning and representation in tax matters and processes.

The objective of our tax service and advice is to obtain a perfect balance between the fulfilment of tax obligations with the State and effective development of the business.