Consumer –

In terms of consumer protection, there are business sectors that have had a growth with respect to the contracting of their services and / or products such as the financial sector, real estate, the use of transport and education services. Thus, in compliance with the regulations of the subject, suppliers must improve their customer service mechanisms in order to avoid claims either through physical and / or virtual claims books.

In matters of guardianship of competition, good faith, legality and rationality of the behavior of competition actors have taken on significant importance, including the State itself. For this reason, today a market analysis that analyzes the barriers to market access imposed by administrative authorities (municipalities, regional governments, ministries) and of course fair and free competition by companies is essential.

Our team is one of the most expert in the field, offering advice to several large companies in the relationships they have with their clients. In addition, we have a wide range of services in the area of ​​Consumer Protection, including issues related to educational services, financial intermediation, air transport, real estate, medical practice, automotive sector, among others, emphasizing the importance of maintaining adequate relationship between suppliers and users that finally allow an adequate development in the market.